Abstrakt Bilder. Annandale Galleries October 2012

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GREENOAKS 2012 Oil on plywood
100 cm (diameter)

Exhibition dates: 9 Oct – 3 Nov 2012
Opening: Wednesday 10 October 6:30 – 9:00 pm

ANNANDALE GALLERIES are pleased to be bringing together works by seven artists whose work is primarily non-objective or abstract.

The works may evoke landscape (Young-Ha Park), have art-historical influences (Brian Blanchflower’s relation to Rothko or Briton, Maurice Cockrill’s influence from British masters), Islamic patterning (Cathy Blanchflower) or the streets of our cities (Charles Cooper).

The work may be primarily about light (Andrew Leslie) or about painting itself (Geoffrey deGroen).

In all cases, imagery is evoked as opposed to being illustrated in any literal sense and the artists are in turn evoking an emotional response that happens over time for the committed viewer.

These paintings allow us to plumb our own depths and encourage us to look inside ourselves.

All artists in the show have significant reputations in the art-historical continuum and are widely represented in museums and private collections.

Exhibition features:

  •     Cathy Blanchflower
  •     Brian Blanchflower
  •     Charles Cooper
  •     Andrew Leslie
  •     Young-Ha Park
  •     Maurice Cockrill
  •     Geoffrey De Groen

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